Brainhack Global: Amsterdam 2017

Spinoza Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 02-04, 2017

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Photo by Pilou Bazin

The Brainhack Global: Amsterdam 2017 is finished!
(for now)

The Brainhack Global: Amsterdam 2017 was an official satellite event of the International Global Brainhack 2017 that is organized by Cameron Craddock . The goal of the hackathon was to bring together researchers with disparate backgrounds to collaborate on open science projects in neuroimaging.


At Brainhack Global: Amsterdam 2017 (#bhg17-amsterdam on the Brainhack Slack channel), we had about 15 attendees over 3 days. Projects included: building a convolutional neural network from scratch to classify the ABIDE data set; integrating Nipype support into a graphical interface for pipelining; smaller projects on surface manipulation and visualization in python, porting CBS Tools into python, testing segmentation tools for high resolution slab imaging, building open documentation, setting up a quality assurance pipeline. This was the first Brainhack in Amsterdam, and we are planning a second one in the fall: if you are interested join us on Slack!


Deep Psych Net: a deep learning classifier for the ABIDE data set

Porcupyne: integrating Nipype modules into the Porcupine pipeline GUI

CBS Tools in Python: wrapping CBS Tools in Python

If you were a participant, we encourage you to submit a report describing your project to the 2017 Brainhack Proceedings that will be published by Gigascience after the event.

Please stay connected with the Brainhack Slack project for more information and to contribute your own ideas to our next event.

The Brainhack Global: Amsterdam 2017 was generously sponsored By:

The Spinoza Centre